NOY.NL has been founded in 1915, although the company is more than 100 years old it remains innovative and dynamic. NOY’s drive to provide its customers with the best services is unlimited, NOY.NL continuously train its employees, look after them carefully and implement relevant developments in terms of technology and sustainability. It all adds up to making you and your customers more flexible and reliable.

Every day is different

Each customer has different priorities, varying from day to day. NOY.NL anticipate on the issues and provide proper solutions, our job is always customization. NOY.NL supply the flexibility you require to work at various levels, NOY’s role is CPB – customer-process based. It means that all is focuses on your processes. NOY.NL design the ideal infrastructure, 100% tailor-made to your requirements.

Logistics that meet your requirements

NOY.NL should be your first choice if you like to be in control in case of issues such as tight lead times, peaks in seasonal products or variable hubs in Europe. Let NOY.NL take over the control, and look forward to the logistics services meeting your requirements.

Rely on flexibility

How much flexibility do you need? Within an hour, NOY.NL can be anticipating with a well-trained Dutch or German driver, in line with a sustainable truck that meets all TAPA requirements. Nothing feels as good as keeping your promise, trusting that all will be arranged and delivered on time. That’s the sense and meaning of in control

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