NOY reflect on the changes in your organisation in order to realize that you stay in control. Reliable and loyal partners are very important, another reason to manage them carefully. NOY.NL believe in the values of innovation, that’s why we have developed a new concept based on the following key values.

  1. Maximum safety for the driver and other road users.
  2. Comfortable working environment for the driver.
  3. A positive contribution to the environment.

All resulting in a special combination, consisting of a Mercedes Actros 1945 Streamspace tractor and a Talson trailer with a compartmentalised structure.


Flexibility runs in parallel to safety. Our employees are trained to prevent unsecure situations, and we may trust that all is done correctly. The working environment at NOY’s offices is pleasant and secure, strict safety rules as well as extensive protocols are applied in the warehouses. NOY.NL ensure the highest safety requirements on the road and use state-of-the-art technology.


En route, our drivers are protected by all kind of precautionary measures. For example, all our trucks are equipped with an emergency button, allowing the drivers to contact the alarm centre immediately by touching this button. Another TAPA restriction is that drivers can’t open the rear doors of the trucks themselves. Unlocking can only be conducted centrally.

For safety and efficiency reasons on the road, our trucks are equipped with:

  • Active Break Assist: a braking system that automatically intervenes in case of emergency.
  • Side Guard Assist: a blind-spot warning system (see the video below).
  • Lane Assist: to warn the driver if a lane division is crossed.
  • Predictive Powertrain Control: saves fuel on hilly routes. Using GPS information, the automatic gearbox switches to the correct gear for the slope.
  • Top Torque System: gives the truck extra power when climbing hills.


Issues may appearing minor, however may have a hugh impact on safety. For example, the tyres of our trucks are maintained at the right pressure. It is as well better for the environment, as it reduces fuel consumption. It benefits the safety of the drivers, they will not get in trouble on the motorway with a flat tyre. All has been considered to allow the truck with cargo to arrive at the customer’s site without delay.

Comfort and safety in parallel

Safety is not just a matter of technology, a driver should not only feel safe but should also remain fit and healthy. Comfort is important, so our trucks are equipped with a fridge, microwave, stationary air conditioning, quality radio/CD player, and a flat floor with a generous standing height of 1.97 metres.
The Fleet-board program, developed by Daimler, takes care of another concern by indicating in time when maintenance is required. If there are any malfunctions, the nearest Mercedes workshop is notified. A Tom Tom truck navigation system provides maps of 46 countries, with Live Traffic information available in 29 countries

Drivers are taken very seriously at NOY.NL, as they are key and our visiting card.

What is your impact?

Sideguard Assist