A gradual increase of shipped goods is taken place, this logistical growth is resulting in an increase of cargo crime. Crime has virtually become an industry in itself, causing high losses. To reduce losses, NOY.NL took successful efforts to secure the international TAPA certification at Levels 1, 2 and 3. This success has led to positive benefits for our customers. Thanks to our TAPA certification and the associated working methods, our losses have been reduced considerably.

Safety and security

It would be carrying us to far to indicate all about TAPA. Our drivers, warehouse and office staff are trained and instructed, regular controls are conducted. Trucks with advanced security systems, satellite tracking and special locks are used. The drivers take exclusive and secured parking spaces, even they travel in convoys if required. As a TAPA executive, NOY.NL also provide tailor-made safety and security, called TAPA+.

Relevant certification

Relevant certification together with other certifications show the high level NOY.NL is providing to our customers. The objective is always to obtain the relevant certification, so it’s assessed first whether a certain certificate will benefit a customer or employee. Obviously, all customers have different preferences and conditions. NOY.NL adapt its services accordingly, is working continuously to ensure the best quality while clarefying the goal of the company. Please look to a video about TAPA here

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