NOY keep you permanently in control Read more

NOY keep you permanently in control Read more

In control

Logistics revolves around control. It all matters stay in control, that’s where you can rely on NOY.NL. We pull out all the stops to make sure that you stay in control. You can rely on experienced, well-trained personnel, reliable and sustainable equipment, a solid organisational structure, up-to-date automation, certifications such as TAPA, and a huge amount of flexibility.

Always going further

Your customers rely on you, so it’s obvious you like to accomplish your targets. All revolves around your performances, which can't be anything less than the final goal. Your customers should be 100% satisfied. NOY.NL ensure you can realize targets. NOY.NL always does its utmost.


  • NOY.NL has the final piece of the puzzle

    Which piece of the puzzle you are missing, NOY.NL has the solution.

    We do have opportunities in Transport, but also our warehouse has enough storage capacity and is spaciously laid out for various work, like order picking and repackaging, at a safe distance.

    Interested or any questions?  Feel free to contact us…

  • Storage capacity

    In Heijen, next to highway A77 just before the German border

    Nijmegen approx. 26 km – Venlo approx. 40 km  – Duisbrug approx. 70 km



    In accordance with the government’s guidelines, NOY.NL responds with responsibility and solidarity in this exceptional situation of limiting the spread of the corona virus.

    The health of our valued customers, our team and all partners with whom we work together is paramount.

    We continue to do our utmost to provide you with the service you expect from us.

    Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team for any request or enquiry at

    We wish you a lot of strength in this time of uncertainty.

  • Logistical solutions needed during the Holiday Season?

    Book transport and warehouse capacity in advance and stay In Control!





  • Day of the truck diver

    Today we put our drivers in the spotlight!

    Thank you gentleman for your commitment and flexibility.


  • Black Friday

    Reserve additional transport capacity today and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • TAPA – Relevant certification

    It would be carrying us to far to indicate all about TAPA. Our drivers, warehouse and office staff are trained and instructed, regular controls are conducted. Trucks with advanced security systems, satellite tracking and special locks are used. The drivers take exclusive and secured parking spaces, even they travel in convoys if required. As a TAPA executive, NOY.NL also provide tailor-made safety and security, called TAPA+.
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